Jack Marone was the Marine Commanding Officer on the USS Striker.

Early lifeEdit

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Jack was raised by Japanese culture and tradition. He was athletic and highly followed Japanese traditions of the Samurai. In 2364, he trained with professional Martial art athletes.

Starfleet Marine Corps AcademyEdit

In 2366 he enrolled in the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy, where he excelled in hand to hand combat, and became the master of several weapons including M637 Pulse phaser rifle. Upon graduating in 2370 he offered to enroll in the Klingon exchange program where he was subjected for 6 months of Klingon combat training. He would also enter the Bat'leth tournament on Forcas III, and win Runner-Up in the competition, his adversary for the competition was Worf.

War YearsEdit

In 2373, he would find himself in the midst of war with the Klingons. He was stationed on Aijon Prime protecting a Federation Hospital. Outnumbered, and against hopeless odds, he would survive the ordeal, but all the men in his platoon would perish. Later that year, he was given command of another platoon, and was stationed on Betazed. His command was considered brilliant using guerrilla attacks to hamper the occupying Jem'Hadar forces. He was also instrumental in driving the Dominion forces of Betazed.

The Romulan AllianceEdit

In 2380 he was assigned to the USS Virtue to transport needed supplies to Romulus following the Reman uprising. The ship was commandeered by Reman renegades, and they slaughtered most the crew. He would signal for help from the Romulans, and Federation forces in the area, and keep the supplies out of Reman hands.

USS StrikerEdit

In 2389, he transferred to the USS Striker, and assumed the position of Marine Commanding Officer.

Service JacketEdit

2ndLt (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png
Starfleet Marine Corps: 2370-2373
1stLt (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png
Starfleet Marine Corps: 2373-2377
Capt (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png
Starfleet Marine Corps: 2377-2385
Maj (DS9-VOY).png
Green (DS9).png
Starfleet Marine Corps: 2385-

External linkEdit

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