Jack Bennett was a genetically-engineered Human. He was the unofficial leader of a group of genetically-engineered Humans who lived with him under psychiatric care by Dr. Karen Loews. Jack's parents took him, as a child, to undergo an illegal procedure called accelerated critical neural pathway formation which dramatically increased his intelligence beyond what Humans would call genius level. Jack also had superior physical abilities, such as enhanced agility. However, the procedure also turned Jack into a violent, anti-social, aggressive man who went on to have serious problems fitting in to normal society. (DS9: "Statistical Probalities").

Jack's surname was never revealed on screen. Bennett comes from Tales of the Jack Pack.

Since becoming a permanent resident of the Daystrom Institute of Psychiatric Health, Jack often had trouble controlling his temper, often getting into physical altercations with other residents. This was the case in 2360 when he intervened on behalf of then-twelve-year old Sarina Douglas, who was being harassed by four adolescent boys. He was then placed in solitary confinement for his actions. He had demanded to let out of confinement so that he could prevent a natural disaster on the planet Selcundes. His primary care physician, Al'Naris ch'Tarik, did not take him seriously, but Loews, who was completing her medical residency at the time, was intrigued by Jack's research. To that end, Loews had suggested separating Jack and his cohorts from the other residents in order to pursue similar research in the hope they could be productive members of society. (Tales of the Jack Pack: "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished")

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