The Iwo Jima-class was a type of assault ship in service to the Federation Starfleet Marine Corps in the late 24th century.

The class was rushed into service in the early 2370s as tensions increased with the Dominion and was seemed a very likely outcome. Following the successful launch of the prototype USS Iwo Jima in 2374, the class went into full production in 2375.

Above all else, the Iwo Jima-class was designed to carry a troop of Starfleet Marines and employ them as quickly and as efficiently as possible to a target so that they could seize control of it in the shortest time possible. Because of its important combat role, the Iwo Jima's were equipped with pulse phasers to defend themselves and was equipped with a powerful tractor beam system that was capable of immobilizing enemy starships. (TNG video game: Star Trek: Armada II)

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