Ensign Ivy Wilkes was a survivor of the destruction of her ship, the Gora bim Gral, during the Dominion War. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions)

Wilkes, along with other members of the Gral crew, was beamed away by the Cardassian warship Tragerjust as her ship broke apart. Under the noses of the Trager's Dominion contingent, the ship's commander, Gul Akellen Macet transported her and the other survivors to a POW camp on the outworld of Lessek.

As one of the first Starfleet soldiers brought to Lessek, and for a brief time the ranking officer, Wilkes observed that the base's Cardassian personnel operated in a very disparate manner from the usual Cardassian ferocity towards prisoners. When it turned out that these Cardassians had rebelled against the Dominion and offered the Starfleet contingent a chance to join the fight behind enemy lines, Wilkes was one of the first to throw her support behind Lieutenant Commander Makis Spirodopoulos, who had decided to go for it.

Ensign Wilkes took point during the initial phase of the battle for the Lessek shipyard, serving as the trigger for Curam Iymender's computer viruses.

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