Ivan Kofloski was a briliont star fleet officer and chief engineer of the USS Bismarck-A from some time prior to 2266 to 2270. those around him noted him as a very eccentric character.

Early lifeEdit

Ivan born somewhere in the depths of eastern Europe. Even at a young age, he was found to be very skilled at engineering and when he was of age, entered Starfleet.

Starfleet CareerEdit

Even though he barely passed the mental stability examination, he scored very high in the engineering skills and shocked all of his teachers. By 2266, he was chief engineer of the USS Bismarck-A under Commodore Shrelic. (Star Trek: Eagle Bismarck comic)

In 2270 Ivan was one of the crew members to escape the Bismarck before the majority of the Ship's crew was killed by a radiation leek. after the incident he retired from starfleet and settled down doing scientific research on a federation star base. (Star Trek: Eagle cut content)

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