The Institut de Marquain was a high school in Tournai, Belgium. Its varsity teams were known as the Porcelaine. The Institut's colors were white and blue. It was renowned in Belgium as having a near-magnet status in athletics.

For a short span in the late 2390s, thanks to Catherine Mouranger, the Institut's resident American football prodigy, the Institut de Marquain rose to the highest levels of European high school football, even winning the European high school championship in 2400 against the Sovetsk Direction Senior High Kants, held in St. Petersburg at Zhukovsky Stadium. The titular game was won 26-20. Eight years later, Dunames Lopez captained its women's basketball team to back-to-back participations in the final of EuroBasket Women High School, losing both finals.

However, the Institut proved unable to capitalize on their football success after her graduation, never achieving more than the championship of Hainaut since. And summa cum laude required an average of 80% and more at graduation. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me")


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