The Inc'Ranas, or simply the Ranas, are a humanoid species native to the Beta Quadrant. They are the sole surviving descendants of the Vehrian race. Star Trek: Abandoned


Twenty five thousand years ago, the Vehrians were engaged in a long and bloody conflict with the Borg. On the brink of defeat, the Vehrian government made the decision to abandon their homeworld and start their civilisation anew elsewhere. They were partially successful, settling on planets across the quadrant, but over hundreds and thousands of years these colonies were tracked down and destroyed. Only one remained, a planet nearly one hundred light years from the Motherworld.

This colony had adopted a policy of isolationism early in its history, so as not to attract the attention of their enemy. The plan worked and the people began to rebuild. They called themselves the "Inc'Ranas", meaning "survivors" or, more literally, "the Living Ones".

Five thousand years ago, with the destruction of the final Vehrian outpost, the Borg retreated into the deep Delta Quadrant. With their enemy fading into history, and then legend, the Ranas continued their isolated existence, developing into a xenophobic, paranoid race. They still used much of the technology created by the Vehrians millennia before, but rarely used it to travel beyond their own solar system until 2385.

Interactions with the FederationEdit

In that year, the Ranas received a general signal from the Motherworld - activation alerts, broadcast by several ships in the ancient city as a means of making themselves known to the occupying expedition. One Olympus-class warship, under the command of Colonel Eyrn Nora'n, was sent to investigate, as was an advance scout consisting of one arrowhead fighter. The arrowhead did considerable damage to the starship Adelphi before fleeing in the face of fifteen identical vessels piloted by the Federation crew. ("Olympus", "Fatal Attraction")

Several days later, the Adelphi headed out to meet the still-approaching vessel, which turned back the way it came before visual contact could be established. When the Federation ship arrived at the system she found not one, but three Olympus-class vessels waiting for her. After being escorted down to the planet, the away team sent to make official contact was captured, but later escaped with the help of Colonel Nora'n, who was exiled for his actions. ("Contact")

Towards the end of 2385, three Borg Hive ships attacked the Federation expedition on the Motherworld. A fleet of seven Olympus-class warships under the command of Major Deran came to their assistance, neutralising one Hive before being destroyed themselves. ("Under Siege, part II")

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