"In a Window, Darkly" was the fifth series of comics of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It is an in-progress comic and was the fourth comic series of the fourth season. The comic is not yet completed.


The crew are sent to investigate an attack on a Gorn outpost.

Comic guideEdit

Within the category of 'Comics' (i.e., Comics 5) were each individualized page also labelled as 'Comic' (i.e., Comic 33A, Comic 33B, etc.).

Comics 5 Pagination Posted Prod. Code Synopsis Link
Comic 33A Page 1 Apr 27 2014 PNX110_C004NA Captain Cell tells a familiar story from his youth. [1]
Comic 33B Page 2 May 02 2014 PNX110_C004NB Elena and Nelkast of Section 31 gives the crew their mission. [2]
Comic 33C Page 3 Jun 08 2014 PNX110_C004NC The Phoenix-X approaches the Gorn outpost. [3]
Comic 33D Page 4 Jul 25 2014 PNX110_C004ND The crew try to get information out of Deloss. [4]

Memorable quotesEdit

"You little Kirk-spawns are not allowed to interfere in Gorn affairs."

Background informationEdit

  • Night Seifer's tangent, on Page 4, claiming they having modified tribble into a "knee-biting frenzy", is a reference to "Triple Tribble Sunday", where Lox genetically altered on-board tribble into smarter creatures (who then turned on, and attacked, the crews of the Phoenix-X and IKS B'Chnah).

External linksEdit

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