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In Between Days is a fan-fiction series written by the pseudonymous jespah and is often abbreviated IBD.

It is a series set aboard the Enterprise (NX-01), mostly between the events of ENT: "Terra Prime" and ENT: "These Are the Voyages" -- i.e., early 2156 and 2161. It involves canonical characters such as Jonathan Archer, T'Pol, Hoshi Sato, Malcolm Reed, Phlox, et al., as well as original characters such as Lili O'Day. Characters are followed both before and after their service on the ship. Mirror universe counterparts and successor characters are followed as well.

Background informationEdit

Originally offering a perspective on the time period between the events of ENT: "Terra Prime" and ENT: "These Are the Voyages" (early 2156 and 2161), In Between Days eventually grew to include prequels and sequels, internal story arcs and a successor series, Times of the HG Wells.

Canon and continuityEdit

Most on-screen canon is respected, including ENT: "These are the voyages". Efforts are made to dovetail with on-screen canon.


Enterprise (NX-01) Crew membersEdit

Mirror universe denizensEdit

Visitors from, or references to, the FutureEdit

Visitors from, or references to, the PastEdit

Visitors from, or references to, the Present TimeEdit





Before 2150Edit

Before Lili ArrivesEdit

The Xindi War/Lili Comes to the EnterpriseEdit

Interphases Arc (ENT: "")Edit

Post-Xindi War/Rise of the EmpressEdit

Lili and DougEdit

The Open MarriageEdit

Lili, Malcolm and DeclanEdit


The Daranaean Arc (Emergence)Edit

After DougEdit

After Lili/Connections to the Times of the HG WellsEdit

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