The Imperial Science Fair Tournament was the name of two distinct science fairs held in the Romulan Star Empire and the Lyran Star Empire in the 24th century. It was an annual event in both instances, requiring a written report as well as exhibits. (RIS Bouteina)



The format of the local round was left up to the organizers. There could be one, two or three winners per category, depending on how many contestants there were at the local round. In a standard year, the local round was held in late November. (RIS Bouteina: "Four Redshirts and a Shirt", "A Tale of Two Holodecks")

Lyran versionEdit

As the Lyrans were staunch opponents of science fairs, it was particularly unpopular, so much that the competition had two rounds: the local round that served as qualifiers at the county level for the final round, held on Lyra several months after the local round. The winners usually won knighthood when they won the final round. (RIS Bouteina: "Degree of Liberty")

Romulan versionEdit

However, unlike Lyrans, the Romulans saw in science fairs the chance to serve their respective noble Houses or the Empire and, as such, were more competitive than their Lyran counterparts. Usually, there were regional competitions and competitions whose contestants came from a single senatorial district. At the district level, the winners proceed to the final round. Winners at a district level are usually reserved a slot at the Romulan Naval Academy.

The children of the military were allotted several slots in the final round, held on Romulus. As of 2386, the children of Tal Prai'ex members were allotted one slot, the children of Tal Shiar agents had one slot, the Tal Diann had one, and the regular Romulan Star Navy had 3 (all numbers are per category). (RIS Bouteina: "A Tale of Two Holodecks")

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