Ileana Roshanak was a Human Augment who lived on planet Tagra IV in the late-24th century. She was a part of the group led by Rhys Darcen that had broken away from Section 31 after the agency had considered, but then declined to use biological agents in the Dominion War and was a staunch supporter of Darcen's plan to unleash a biological agent on Ventani II, home of Tret Akleen, the founder of the modern day Cardassian Union.

Like the women of Khan Noonien Singh's group exiled to Ceti Alpha V, she wore sleeveless shirts to show off her muscular upper arms. She was of mixed European, Middle Eastern, and south Asian ancestry, and spoke with a mixed Middle Eastern and south Asian accent.

Roshanak was immediately suspicious of Markalis, especially since her lover Darcen was attracted to her. After noticing a rather intimate conversation between Darcen and Markalis, Roshanak threatened to kill Markalis if she turned out to be an agent of Starfleet or Section 31. Roshanak's suspicions were confirmed when Markalis contacted the USS Lambda Paz. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz: "Midnight Ride", "Religion To Do Good") Darcen then tasked Roshanak with killing Markalis when she ceased to be a useful asset. ("A Cause of Greater Worth")

Ultimately, Roshanak turned on her consort when deciding that he himself had become liability after Darcen ordered the execution of a crewmember for incompetence. She demanded that Darcen release Markalis and Captain Limis Vircona since they were no longer a threat to their plans and killing them would serve no useful purpose. A struggle between Roshanak and Darcen ensued, resulting in Darcen fatally stabbing Roshanak in the chest. ("A Cause of Greater Worth")

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