"Identity" was the twenty-first episode in the first season of Star Trek: Phoenix-X.


Kugo receives a transmission from her supposed sister, Lasha, who says she is in trouble on Romulus. Taking a Runabout there, she encounters Lasha and Lasha's associate, Tey, who are not actually related to Kugo by blood... but rather by an oath of assassins. With the crew of the Phoenix-X following closely behind, Kugo begins to admit that she isn't Vulcan at all.

Memorable quotesEdit

"I've been almost everything in the last twenty years... Klingon, Bolian, Human, Cardassian, Vulcan... The only ironic thing is now, is that I'm back to what I really am, a Romulan, my true identity."

"Good work Shane."
"Thanks, sir."
"Too bad you're not technically part of the crew, or I'd promote you.
Gotens and Shane


Background informationEdit

  • This is Kugo's last instance as a Vulcan, as she is said to be actually a Romulan. Although at the end, she requests from the Doctor that she keep her outward appearance as Vulcan. She later begins to manifest her appearance in the episode "Killing Spree". In the episode "Fantastic Method", it is discovered that she was originally born a Vulcan and that she was genetically altered when she was young.
  • Tey makes a final appearance in "Killing Spree" where he is the main antagonist of the episode.



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