The Icarus class was a class of Federation starship in Starfleet service during the late 22nd century and early 23rd century. A successor to the Daedalus-class, the Icarus class was launched in 2188, and served for over fifty years and two refits. The final ship of the class was decommissioned in 2242. (Journal of Applied Treknology)

The Icarus class was designed by M. Christopher Freeman.

Icarus-class starshipsEdit

  • USS Icarus (NCC-212), commissioned 2188
  • USS Hylas (NCC-218), commissioned 2189
  • USS Cephalus (NCC-219), commissioned 2189
  • USS Endymion (NCC-238), commissioned 2191
  • USS Electra (NCC-256), commissioned 2193
  • USS Sisyphus (NCC-260), commissioned 2194
  • USS Adonis (NCC-279), commissioned 2196
  • USS Pyramus (NCC-282), commissioned 2196
  • USS Achilles (NCC-301), commissioned 2198, refit 2204
  • USS Io (NCC-315), commissioned 2199, refit 2204
  • USS Penthesileia (NCC-331), commissioned 2201, refit 2205
  • USS Dionysus (NCC-344), commissioned 2202, refit 2206

Icarus II model:

  • USS Actaeon (NCC-365), commissioned 2204
  • USS Pentheus (NCC-396), commissioned 2207
  • USS Laocoon (NCC-404), commissioned 2208
  • USS Procris (NCC-406), commissioned 2208
  • USS Syrinx (NCC-427), commissioned 2210
  • USS Heracles (NCC-436), commissioned 2211, refit 2233, retired 2242
  • USS Odysseus (NCC-449), commissioned 2212, refit 2235
  • USS Perseus (NCC-454), commissioned 2213, refit 2236

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