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Ibo was a famous rapper in the 24th century. During his childhood, Ibo and his family lived on a factory planet of a megacorporation. His parents were workers employed by the corporation. He was not very good at school. Because of his bad marks, he had to go to another school 7 times. Because of the acid rain on the planet, he got a rash on his left cnemis. Ibo and his family were also confronted with racism against humans on the planet. His foster brother was a martial artist who participated once at the Uranus fighting tournament. He lost in the first round of the tournament against the Colognefighters TNG. Later, someone stole the training equipment of Ibos Brother and Ibo tried to get it back, but Ibo was badly injured by the thief.

At the Age of 19, Ibo left the planet with some money he got from the Orion Syndicate. The syndicate paid him to kill Fatih Uruk. Later, Ibo became a famous rapper and performed charity concerts for the Bajorans. The son of Rene Michael was a big fan of him. Later, Ibo went to the Maquis and became a part of the crew of Aydin G. During a Maquis Mission in 2370, he got killed (This happened in the Episode Bruderkrieg of Dragon Ball Z vs Star Trek The Beginning of Infinity).The SLNVRX megacorporation resurrected him during a cyborgisation experiment. The technology used for this experiment was in testing phase. Because of this, after Ibo became a cyborg, he got some medicinic problems with parts of his skin.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"You were hunted by a contract killer, agents of secret services attacked you and you could have been killed. Can you really call this "little problems"?"
— Ibo to his brother in the hospital in Episode 3 of Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Way of Infinity.

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