I am Forsaken is a short first-person narrative that serves as a prologue to the third season of Star Trek: Abandoned, continuing the story of Enriss Temaga through her own words.


Temaga's fury is evident. She curses the "fools" who abandoned her after they successfully claimed her homeworld, but consoles herself with the knowledge that the events she has already set into motion cannot be undone. As before, she predicts her own future, as well as that of the expedition.

Claiming the only reason they have eluded her thus far is chance, and her own affairs, she vows they will wish she had never returned to them:

"They think they know suffering. They think they know pain. They know nothing.
Not yet."


As with "Running", this installment is written in the first person, revealing that the Borg merely used Temaga to achieve their ancient goal of capturing the Motherworld. Dialogue in the third-season episodes "Intrepid Reunion" and "Tyranny of Freedom" confirms that Temaga was deposed as leader of the Alliance after she failed to adapt the Vehrian technology for her Collectives.

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I am Forsaken at The Omega Sector BBS

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