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The ISS Vanguard is a NOVA based sim localised entirely in the mirror universe utilising the Task Force Equinox Mirror Universe continuity focusing on the Terran rebellion rebuilding into a Second Terran Empire against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. The Vanguard is the Flagship of Task Force Equinox's Mirror Universe Fleet and has been in operation for over a year making it one of the longest running Mirror Universe Sim online.

Main CastEdit

Supporting charactersEdit

  • Captain's Woman: Lieutenant Tira'Ridala nev-Theyla
  • Captain's Bodyguard: Kirak
  • Assistant Chief Medical Officer: Doctor Harold Walkins
  • Nurse: Petty Officer Second Class Sorilya Theral

Departed CrewEdit

  • Flight Control Officer: Lieutenant JG K'Sor
  • Chief Medical Officer: Doctor Kali nas-Kull^
  • Chief Intelligence Officer: Lieutenant Adam Quatermain^
  • Infiltration Specialist: Shinnan Gen
  • Stellar Cartographer: Ensign Grigori Nikiforov
  • Marine: Corporal Sarah Lancaster

Entries marked with ^ denote characters that were killed off as part of plot points when the character left the sim


The Ghost FleetEdit

The ISS Vanguard's second mission: The Ghost Fleet, where the Vanguard is sent to investigate strange transmissions that seem to originate from the fallen Terran Empire, at the same time, Commander Abney, the ship's XO uses this opportunity to attempt a coup against the Betazoid Commanding Officer.

Supply RunEdit

The ISS Vanguards First and Shakedown mission: Supply Run. With the Vanguards construction nearing completion, the recent victories against the Alliance, and the Defiant away from Terok Nor, the Rebellion has become complacent, so when an Alliance taskforce under the new Regent Martok threatens the Rebellion's manufactoring and research facilities in the Badlands, it falls on the Vanguard to take the fight to the Alliance ahead of scheduale and break the Siege of the Badlands.


There are some differences relating to the Taskforce Equinox's approved Mirror Universe Timeline, which extends to all ships apart of the taskforce's Mirror Universe Fleet while the canon episodes of Enterprise, The Original Series, and Deep Space Nine are still considered canon, a number of literary novels are also considered canon, while others are considered non canon. For situations where there is no established canon evidence, it falls to the Commanders of the ISS Vanguard and the ISS Independence to decide on a ruling, though this rarely happens.

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