The ISS Constance was a Terran Empire vessel, and the mirror universe counterpart to the USS Constance. (Star Trek: Constance)


Unlike her Federation counterpart, the ISS Constance was built as part of the new Terran Empire's effort to rebuild the Imperial Starfleet, making her a newer ship than her counterpart. The ISS Constance has conquered many worlds and systems in an effort to return the Empire to its former glory. The Constance was the first ship to be outfitted with the Quantum singularity drive, a special drive designed in order to transport between different universes. The ISS Constance entered the main universe as a test of the Drive, though after the incident in the Badlands, the ship left to return to the mirror universe.


The crew of the ISS Constance is nearly identical to that of the USS Constance.

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