The IRW Ketaryn was a Mogai-class Romulan warbird commanded by Commander Tressa in the late 24th century. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


The Ketaryn was assigned to Tressa after the Hobus supernova destroyed her previous ship, along with the Romulan home world, in 2387. In 2391, the Ketaryn was on a supposed Tal Shiar mission to track down a civilian assassination group assembling thalaron technology. While on this mission, Captain Cell enlisted Tressa and the Ketaryn's help in tracking down the subordinate Chief engineer of the Phoenix-X, Lieutenant commander Kugo. During both missions, it was discovered that the Ketaryn's initial orders were issued by Cardassian starship commander Meloneus who had been building his own thalaron weapon on his starship, the Serket. The Ketaryn was quick to destroy the weapon as it was being deployed. ("The Nemesis Factor")

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