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The IKV Bardur was a D7-class, specifically of the K't'inga-class,  Klingon battle cruiser starship in Imperial Klingon Defense Force service in the 23rd century.

The Bardur has been referred to as one of the most famous of the K't'inga vessels, having an impressive record of destruction that includes over twenty Romulan starships, ten Federation starships, and forty other vessels claimed as confirmed kills. The captain of Bardur, in a case similar to that of Starfleet captain James T. Kirk, was promoted to admiral for his heroism but desired to remain a commanding officer of his personal starship. Bardur became the smallest vessel in known space to serve as an admiral's flagship, operating out of a Klingon starbase near the Orion borders. Because of this short note, the Bardur is considered to be the Klingons' own counterpart to the famous Federation starship, which was under the command of Captain Kirk.  (Template:Rpg)

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