The IKS Masamune was a Bortasqu'-class Klingon Defense Force starship in the early 25th century, under the command of Captain Deloss. It was part of the Galordra Defense Fleet, under an umbrella command from Galorda Outpost. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X, Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge)


In 2410, the Masamune was in space combat with the Children of Khan ship Sevak when a torpedo hit from the Sevak blew several consoles on the bridge of the Masamune and sent Captain Deloss into the white space with Qu. After being forced to live in an alternate reality, Deloss returned to the prime universe through a quantum fissure and retook his place as Captain of the ship. ("A Wonderful Life", "Holodeck Fantasy")

When the ship docked at Galorda Outpost for upgrades, Deloss gave sentience to a James Moriarty hologram who quickly took control of the Masamune, the outpost, and several ships from the Galordra Defense Fleet including the IKS Baetal and IKS Kragoth. Moriarty then heard Deloss' perspectives on the state of social affairs between the Gorn and the Klingons and, out of outrage, chose not to continue his plans. He then transferred himself onto a backup vessel in an unknown location. ("Holodeck Fantasy")

Command crewEdit

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