The IKS Kragoth was a Negh'Tev-class Klingon Defense Force starship in the early 25th century, part of the Galorda Defense Fleet, under command from Galorda Outpost. (First City, Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


Captain Menchez was awarded command of the Kragoth in 2410, after uncovering that Chancellor J'mpok was replaced by a changeling. He took command of the Kragoth and joined the IKS Ha'vok on a mission to attack the House of Kovog where the real Chancellor was suspected held. (First City: Page 1) After engaging the Children of Kahn, the ship was hijacked and taken over. Under threat of dishonorable death, Menchez allowed Hokke command of the ship, after which Hokke, Menchez, the crew and the ship warped away into the unknown. (Pages 3-4)

The Kragoth was temporarily taken under the control of the James Moriarty hologram. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Holodeck Fantasy")

Command crewEdit

Background informationEdit

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