The IKS Ha'vok was a Klingon Kar'fi class (as based off the Fek'Ihri design) Battle carrier in service the Klingon Defense Force during 2410, commanded by General Kro'nok. (Earth Spacedock, First City)

History Edit

The Ha'vok, commanded by General Kro'nok, was one of the first vessels to detect a mirror Borg Tactical Fusion Cube headed for the Sol System. (Earth Spacedock)

First City Edit

The Ha'vok, commanded by Kro'nok, was involved in a battle against the Children of Khan, in a mission to rescue Chancellor J'mpok. The vessel was supposedly destroyed, but in reality, had ejected their warp core and phase shifted as it exploded, avoiding further detection. They eventually returned to Qo'noS and docked for repairs. (First City)

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