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The IKS Baetal was a Klingon Defense Force starship in the early 25th century, under the command of Captain Sigon. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X, Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge)


After the IKS Rotog was infested with spaceborne, venomous tribble, the ship came to be damaged enough that it was beyond a full recovery. The crew was transferred to the Baetal, where Sigon announced its first mission was to acclimatize to the new ship. After inviting the crew of the USS Tsunami to change course for the Baetal and celebrate, Sigon began seeing visions of tribble everywhere, enough to attempt a hunt for them with the help of Lieutenant Commander Gozer. When he reached the end of a corridor, instead of seeing what was really there, a group of targ, he saw tribble and launched an attack at them. Sigon later admitted to still having tribble venom within him, being the cause for his visions. In one last misunderstanding, he launched a premature attack at what he thought was the Mother Tribble, in space, but instead was the Tsunami. The Baetal crippled the Tsunami, forcing the crew to abandon ship. ("Apparitions")

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