The IKS B'Cnah (or B'Chnah) was a Vor'cha-class Klingon Defense Force starship in the late 24th and early 25th century. It was once owned by General Verticon, and it was the successor of the IKS Bochnah. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


The crew of the B'Cnah were the same crew from the Bochnah - half of whom were Starfleet officers in the exchange program from the USS Phoenix-X. ("Betrayal and Honour", "Destiny's Revenge, Part I", "Forged in Something")

In 2386, the B'Cnah was boarded by genetically modified killer-Tribble, developed by Doctor Lox, and many of its crew were slaughtered. ("Triple Tribble Sunday")

By the year 2410, the exchange program was over and the crew was all Klingon. In the same year, the ship was sent back in time to 2033 and were forced to stop the Na'kuhl time traveler, Sayjan, from saving the Xindi-Avians and altering the timeline. ("The Xindi Paradox")

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Starfleet exchange officersEdit

By the year 2410, the exchange program was over.

  • Keyla (2380-)
  • Joe (2380-)
  • Alegra (2380-)
  • Morris (2380-)
  • Jessica (2380-)
  • Housto (2380-)

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  • The name of the ship is misspelled in Season 3 and early Season 4 of Star Trek: Phoenix-X as B'Chnah.

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