The IKS Azetbur was a Klingon battleship in service of the Klingon Defense Force during the early 25th century. (Star Trek Online, Star Trek Online: Valkyries)

The Azetbur was named after Azetbur, daughter of Gorkon, who served as Chancellor of the Klingon Empire during the creation of the Khitomer Accords.

Fanon Continuities Edit

Star Trek Online: Valkyries Edit

In late 2405 the Azetbur, under the command of Captain Ratak, was sent to the Sigma Hydra system to intercept rogue Syndicate agent Naisa D'falas and prevent her from spreading an artificially engineered plague that could threaten life throughout the quadrant. To that end, Ratak was determined to destroy Naisa and whatever craft she might be aboard.

Upon arrival in the system, the Azetbur encountered the USS Endurance, which had been heavily damaged in an Orion attack. Rather than finishing the Endurance, the Ratak opted to leave the wounded ship alone when his scans revealed that Naisa was not on board. He instead took the Azetbur into the system in pursuit of a Federation shuttle launched from the Endurance, eventually intercepting and attacking it. The shuttle escaped however, and the Azetbur was attacked from behind and trapped in a gravitational distortion by the Endurance, which had pursued it into the system. Ratak then attempted to convince Captain Ramsey of the Endurance to destroy the shuttle himself by warning him about the plague, but he was unsuccessful. The Azetbur was able to free itself and leave the system within the next two days. ("Airborne")

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