The iCarpet was a carpet that was sold in the Lyran Star Empire in the 24th century. It apparently superseded the Zinzendo carpet among the occupants of Starbase 47. It was available in three sizes and different varieties. Plus, it was sold at the Elephantine Carpet and manufactured at the Sabzevar Colony. (RIS Bouteina: "My Carpet, Tis of Thee")

The Darth Mall on Xita also sold iCarpets. There was a discount granted if a customer purchased 3 carpets of the same size. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "At the Soapbox Races")

Types of iCarpetEdit

3' x 5'Edit

  • iCarpet Nano

Other formatsEdit

  • iCarpet
  • iCarpet Touch
  • iCarpet Shuffle (in 2401)

Both were available in the 7' x 10' and the 10' x 13' formats.

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