"I, Borg" is a story written about the USS Black Hawk, flagship of Admiral Jeffery Higdon, which is part of the Star Trek: Black Hawk fan fiction website.


The Black Hawk has just finished her shakedown cruise under Fleet Captain (Admiral) Jeff Higdon when she is sent from Starbase 2114 to investigate possible Borg activities. Before they arrive they encounter a Borg sphere with a drone who claims to be a future Admiral Jeffery Higdon that appears to be a Borg drone. He relates that the crew of the Black Hawk was (would be) assimilated and the technology aboard the Black Hawk would help the Borg assimilate the entire galaxy within three Earth years. Because his individualism somehow emerges he finds the Borg will now try to assimilate time itself. Stealing a Borg time sphere, he emerges and intercepts the Black Hawk prior to the event, blowing it up after the Black Hawk beams him aboard to prevent the future Borg from tracking the ship. He also communicates with Captain Higdon telepathically and reveals what actually happens, almost physically allowing the captain to experience the event personally. The drone also brings physical proof - a briefcase with the Black Hawk logo on the side, containing isolinear information chips to confirm what the drone reveals. As the captain accepts what has happened, the drone fades out of existence (the case does not) and the captain communicates his find to Starfleet Command, who send an armada to help the Black Hawk destroy the Borgified planet.

Special NotesEdit

While it is revealed in later stories that the Black Hawk had served as the Britannica until her name change was approved (it is assumed it had the same NCC number), this story was written before any of the other stories establishing this was written. It is assumed this was a test drive by Admiral Higdon of his new flagship. The two Higdons use different ranks to distinguish them. The wrong rank is given to Fleet Captain Higdon, who is still a brevet Admiral, which is Commodore.

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