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A Hyperspace Gate is a window created into hyperspace through which an object can travel.

Hyperspace allows for near instantaneous transportation between two points, however an object traveling through hyperspace cannot independently control its exiting point. To travel to a set destination a corresponding hyperspace gate must be created at the destination. This second gate effectively pulls the object out of hyperspace and back to normal space


In order to enter Hyperspace we have to create a window. Additionally we need to imprint the window so it only works with a single ship, otherwise whenever a window is created every ship in hyperspace would be forced to leave hyperspace immediately at through that window.

In order to leave Hyperspace an identical window must be created at the destination specifically imprinted such that only the one ship will be pulled out. The ship must transmit instructions for bringing the ship out of hyperspace. Ships can also open windows out of hyperspace from within Hyperspace but they could end up anywhere in the known or unknown universe. Source: Journal of Applied Treknology

Benefits and ProblemsEdit

Hyperspace allows for nearly instantaneous it also makes it impossible for enemies with or without Hyperspatial capabilities to follow you unless they spoof a signal that gets one of your Hyperspace gates to pull them out. However, it is very easy to divert all hyperspace travel to a single location. It is also a simple matter to divert a single ship to your base instead of its own because the signal to create a window out is sent simultaneously to every point in the known universe. Hyperspatial travel also makes it difficult to move fleets as every ship being moved would have to create its own window.


STAG began using this technology to shorten long journeys in 2400. 50 years later the technology began to come into general use.

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