Hydrax was the natively inhabited Class Q planet that was the capital of the Hydran Kingdom. It was located in the Hydra system of the Beta Quadrant. It was notable to have an atmosphere made out of methane. (RIS Bouteina)

Astronomical dataEdit



  • Hydrax


Hydrax was once under the control of the Klingons and the Lyrans until 2228, where the merchant guilds' forces from the Lost Colonies mounted a fleet to drive the Klingons and the Lyrans from this world. In 2278, the First Battle of Hydrax resulted in a combined Klingon-Lyran victory in which 60% of the Hydran fleet was destroyed. However, only 10 years later, the Second Battle of Hydrax resulted in the recapture of the once-capital planet of the Hydran Kingdom. The three battles of Hydrax represented some of the bloodiest space battles in galactic history. (Star Fleet Battles)

As of 2387, though, the wreckage has been reused to build new ships as well as a starbase in orbit and a few listening posts, of which one is the spaceborne temple of the God of Evacuation, used by Her Eminence Annika Hansen because she was an oxygen-breather. (RIS Bouteina: "High Priestess of Evacuation")

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