"Hybrids" was the fourth episode and season finale for the first season of Star Trek: Artemis.


The Artemis is on her way to the Delta Quadrant following the Klingon Bird of Prey. This episode is the continuation of Cloak of Deception. The Bird of Prey has Major Eugen Jedrek and a team of Marines captured as prisoners. Artemis must find the ship and rescue their shipmates. Because of events that have transpired, Levex Ixen has been named temporary Chief of Security and has been given the temporary rank of Major. At the end of the episode, Eugen Jedrek was part of an assault team that borded the Artemis. After being confronted by Captain David Hawk and Major Levex Ixen, Jedrek shot Hawk, potentially mortally wounding the Commanding Officer. Before he leaves, Jedrek initiates the Auto-destruct sequence. The only person who can turn it off is David Hawk.

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