Hunter Array

Glinn Daro and Gul Macet wearing the hunter array in 2367

The Cardassian hunter array is a combination master device controller / heads-up display that was originally intended by Central Command's Science Ministry, on its deployment in 2367, to interface with all systems used by a Cardassian soldier up to and including the ship's computer. The program, however, was scrapped in a matter of months following its spectacular failure in the field. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions, TNG: "The Wounded")

The hunter array gets its name in part from the Cardassian bioelectric-sensing "hunter's eye" (krilătbre-yezul in Cardăsda), the spoon-shaped prominence at the center of a Cardassian's forehead--which is covered by the array when in use.

Intended functionEdit

The idea of the hunter array was to consolidate all of the mechanical devices carried by a Cardassian soldier into combat, to include scanners, targeting sensors, and wristcomms--as well as a means to remotely control one's ship when on an away mission.

The array was also intended to intensify feedback from the krilătbre-yezul. Rather than adding to a soldier's situational awareness, the vast majority of users found this input incomprehensible and distracting.

The hunter array proved an overall failure and was rescinded by Central Command in a matter of months...but not before Gul Akellen Macet was required to come aboard the Enterprise wearing the ungainly device. Macet found the hunter array more than a mere annoyance or distraction during this mission: he considered it profoundly embarrassing when Cardassian Guard regulations at the time required him and his glinns to beam aboard the Enterprise wearing the array.

Re-tooling by Gul RebekEdit

Gul Zejil Rebek took an interest in the hunter array at some point after its official discontinuance, and worked privately to improve on it, with input from the technically-inclined gul Tayben Berat.

By 2375, Rebek succeeded in getting the hunter array to interface with many of the smaller, stand-alone devices it was intended to connect with. In addition, she has successfully coupled the lessons of her sniper's training with the array's intensification of the bioelectric sense, making her one of the only people able to take advantage of this increased sensory input.

While she has not managed to connect the hunter array to her ship's computers in any usable fashion, she trusted sufficiently in her skills and work to bring the hunter array into the rebellion against the Dominion. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order)

In their own words...Edit

"You try boarding an ali—er…Federation starship wearing one of those. You should’ve seen the looks on their faces. It was embarrassing."
"Well, I’m not about to pass up something that works. Somebody should get a picture of this so I can send it next time that she-hound on the Yazar[Gul Ocett] tries to tell me I’m too obsessed with my looks."
— Macet and Rebek debate the use of her modified hunter array. The Thirteenth Order

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