The Hornet-class was a type of fighter carrier starship in service to Starfleet in the late 23rd century. The main purpose of the Hornet-class was to help quell the rising outlaw activity in the Orion star system and the Deneb/Rigel commerce zones.

This class was designed to be manned by a 50% Rigellian crew, meaning that they were equipped with higher deck height and increased oxygen atmosphere. The design of the Hornet's was also revolutionary in the early 2270s as they were not equipped with a secondary hull, but a sensor/deflector platform which was attached to the primary hull. This style would later be replicated on the Akyazi-class perimeter action ships which entered service in the 2280s.

Primarily the Hornet-class was a fighter carrier, which meant that she was designed to deploy 10 Hornet-class fast attack craft, which proved excellent in tracking down Orion smugglers into asteroid fields. As well as the attack craft, the Hornet was also equipped with 10 phaser emplacements and 2 photon torpedo tubes. (USS Hornet Class Fighter-Carrier Blueprints)

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