"Hopeless - Part 1" was the eleventh episode of Star Trek: Dragon, written by Jon Wasik.


A week has passed since the initial battle at the Defense Base and the Hintaru have not been attacked once. Lieutenant Perkins takes the time to review important information with the Dragon's senior staff, mainly that every species they have thus far encountered in the Kalium Galaxy has spoken a language similar to a language spoken in the Milky Way. A hypothesis is put forth that this could be due to the transplanted Bajorans, however this theory can not be substantiated.

Thanks to information gained from previously captured Vorkalai ships, the massive Hintaru fleet is able to detect a cloaked Vorkalai spy vessel entering the area, and the Dragon is able to disable the ship and capture its crew. They then learn of a fleet of over 200,000 Vorkalai ships inbound. Although the entire Hintaru fleet is now ready for battle, Captain Harriman fears it may not be enough, but can think of no alternative to a direct conflict, and hopes that the advantage Quantum Torpedoes gives them will be enough.

The Hintaru fleet arrives at a star system designated Q-487, Captain Harriman tours the Dragon before what he believes could be a hopeless battle. The battle begins, and immediately the Vorkalai appear to have the upper hand. Despite heavy losses on the Vorkalai side, the fleet commander, High-Admiral Piarn, orders the Hintaru fleet back to the defense base. Before the Hintaru ships can escape, the Vorkalai detonate a high-yield isolitic burst, creating a tear in Subspace.

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