Honor Vigil

A Cardassian soldier wears the armor of the Honor Vigil

The Honor Vigil was a position in the Cardassian Guard to which members are temporarily appointed when a comrade is killed. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order)

Appointees each stand a solitary shift in ancient, ceremonial armor carrying a long, bladed pike, standing guard over the bodies of the dead until they can all be returned for burial within the Cardassian Union. Standing a full eight-hour shift is highly demanding task: the antiquated armor is extremely heavy, and Vigil members are permitted no breaks during their shift, not for meals, not to get off their feet, and not even to relieve themselves, as tradition requires that the Vigil accompany the dead at all times.

Members of the Honor Vigil also participated in the memorial service itself, with one singing the traditional death chant. (On the Trager, this has led to Riyăk Hirhul Mendral standing a shift the day of the memorial whenever an Honor Vigil has been required.) In one unusual instance in 2375, additional members of the Vigil were designated to ceremonially stand in for the bodies of the dead when the rebel Thirteenth Order organized a service for their fallen...a combination of Cardassian and Starfleet personnel. Since Cardassian tradition forbade aliens to look upon their dead, the additional Honor Vigil presence served as a symbolic presence for them.

Known Honor Vigil participantsEdit

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