Lee And Bobbin

Laura Lee and Charlotte Bobbin - members of the Home Guard

The Home Guard was a rogue 21st century branch of Temporal Command, a 31st century Starfleet agency, established (probably in early 2008) by Chloe Fisher. (Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))



The initial members of the Home Guard in 2008

In the English city of Plymouth lived a teenager called Chloe Fisher. At some stage in 2007, she met "The Doctor" and subsequently became a traveling companion with him in time and space. For around four months the pair traveled, and Chloe became attached to The Doctor, but he couldn't fully bring himself to commit to anything as he didn't feel ready after the pain of losing Lisa Coventry a couple of years earlier. Heartbroken, Chloe left him and somehow got herself to the 31st century and Starfleet Temporal Command, where she passed herself of as a cadet and engaged in training to become a Time Agent. Eventually, after stealing a small handheld vortex manipulator and bringing a number of her friends to the future for similar training, Chloe established a 'rogue' agency, the Home Guard, the purpose of which was to protect her friends and in effect her planet from the alien threats she had encountered whilst with The Doctor.



Home Guard agents tracking an alien creature

There are an undetermined number of Home Guard agents operating in the 21st century, likely all female, their de-faco leader being Chloe Fisher, with Laura Lee as her second in command. Operating out of a non-descript house in a residential area, the Home Guard use Starfleet technology to detect alien activity, which they then investigate and take action against if needed. Since their area of operation is small compared to the actual size of England, the Home Guard works with Torchwood and other classified groups.

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