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Life and Death... and Baseball.


As a Starfleet legend passes on, another tries to understand the circumstance of coming back from the other side.

Log EntriesEdit

  • "Captain's Log, Stardate 53028.7: We have arrived on Earth for some crew rest after our last mission. I, for one, could use a little time to take a deep breath."
  • "Captain's Log, Stardate 53050.8. Kasidy Sisko has decided to build the baseball field. Construction has progressed at a fairly decent pace."


  • The Death of McCoy is meant to parallel the real-life death of DeForest Kelley, who passed away soon after the conclusion of Deep Space Nine.
  • Star Trek Generations, particularly Kirk's burial at Veridian III, is mentioned. Unlike in the "Shatnerverse," he is left where he is, with McCoy buried next to him.
  • The second part of the story is a Field of Dreams type story, with the idea of Kasidy Yates building a baseball.
  • Patrick reveals that he would like to start a family. The building blocks of his family are laid out through the rest of USS Baldwin season 3.
  • The hit batsmen with the bases loaded occurred at a Baseball game that USS Baldwin author Richie Kennedy attended.


Bennett, Laura; Ingrum, Patrick; Jackson, Sara; Leigh, Katia; McCoy, Leonard; Spock; USS Wasp

External linksEdit

  • Home Full text of the story, on the author's website.

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