Holocovia IV is the fourth of six planets in the Holocovia System. (Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))

Astronomical DataEdit



  • Holocovia IV


  • None

Further InformationEdit


In late 2385, while hunting the fleeing Borg fleet that had attacked Unity One Starbase during the Battle of Gateway, the USS Sovereign, the ISM Acclamator and the IKS K'tar found Holocovia IV. After the Borg escaped, the starships decided to make the most of the journey inside the Azure Nebula and explored the planet. This was a bad mistake...


It is assumed that this planet is the current homeworld for the Iccobar.


Marginal planets are located within the Ecosphere of a solar system. They are categorized by a rocky and barren surface with little surface water and an atmosphere of Oxygen/Argon with a high concentration of carbon dioxide. Native lifeforms are limited to plant life, although the majority of Class L planets are suitable for humanoid colonization they are barely habitable.

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