Hilal is a turkish Federation linguist. (Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Beginning of Infinity)

Her uncle worked on a Federation trash planet and her mother was the owner of a boutique. Her ancestors were involved in the Maury Island Incident during the 20th century. Hilal would eventually became a cyborg against her family's wishes.

At the age of 14, during the holidays, Hilal once worked for a circus. Later, during her first Starfleet mission, she was part of a mission that failed to protect a planet against a Tzenkethi attack.

After this event her ship crashed in South America. There they discovered the secret Operation Sunrise. Their actions put a stop to the operation, but the operation was later secretly moved to the space stations Sodom and Gomorra. Hilal received a prophecy that she would be able to find the most important person behind these events.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Mostly, humanity only uses science to prevent themselves from realising how harsh life really is."
— Hilal to Cesare and Karala.
"If our technology ceases working , do we become primitive again?"
— Hilal to Cesare and Karala.


  • At the beginning of her assignment to the group, she fell in love with her boss and because of this the wife of the boss doesn't like her.


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