For the "regular" universe counterpart, see Hikaru Sulu.
For the counterpart in the timeline created by Nero's incursion, see Hikaru Sulu (alternate reality).
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Hikaru Sulu
Hikaru Sulu (mirror)
Lieutenant Sulu aboard the ISS Enterprise
Actor: George Takei
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet
Title: Tactical officer, security chief, helmsman
Stationed: ISS Enterprise
Rank: Lieutenant
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Uhura distracts Hikaru Sulu (mirror)
Nyota Uhura, in her mirror counterpart's uniform, distracts the mirror-Sulu

In the mirror universe Hikaru Sulu was the ISS Enterprise security chief and third in command after Kirk and Spock.

Fan continuities Edit

"The Final Days" ContinuityEdit

Also known as "Scarface" he took part in overthrowing Spock after the Halkans had gained influence in Spock's government, and with Uhura and Scott had worked on creating crossover technology. He and Uhura eventually earned theta designations by helping the Alliance conduct its own experiments on such technology (The Final Days)

Star Trek: Remington Edit

In Star Trek: Remington continuity, Sulu was the second officer of the Dominion Grand Fleet's DSS Enterprise in an alternate mirror universe. Kirk's attempt to reform the Dominion was not successful and Spock was executed by Sulu for attempting to start a revolution against the Dominion. Sulu then became the first officer of the Enterprise.

The Kirk who crossed over to the Dominion's mirror universe was from the REM primary universe, not the standard Trek primary universe.
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