Lieutenant General Hermione Jane Granger was the commanding officer of Army Intelligence during the Second Wizarding War.

When she was very young she discovered that she had incredibly complex mental abilities. She discovered later that as an embryo she was somewhat modified as part of the Chrysalis Project, making her an Augment (Its Hour Come Round at Last)

She started her work in intelligence gathering before the concept of Dumbledore's Army was even created. She cultivated her ex-boyfriend, Viktor Krum as an intelligence asset in Bulgaria. It was intelligence data that he provided that led directly to the operation to take out the Death Eater labor camp where General Weasley was held as a Lieutenant Commander. (Chaos, Love, and War)

In her position as CO of Army Intelligence she launched a series of covert and illegal operations designed to destroy the Augment forces Voldemort's kidnapped scientists where making out of Death Eaters, without telling her friends. Operations eventually stopped by the intervention of Gary Seven. She is now serving a short prison sentence in South Africa for her role in the scandal.(Its Hour Come Round at Last)

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