Lt Milena 128 is a Hermat/Human Hybrid

The Hermat race were a humanoid hermaphrodite species, living on a homeworld in the Alpha Quadrant and members of the United Federation of Planets. (Star Trek: New Frontier)


Hermats appeared similar to humans but the majority of their race had features of both male and female sexes. Other species sometimes mistook Hermats for petite females.

Differences between Hermats and humans included a more pronounced forehead, stronger physically, darker eyes and razor-sharp, canine-like teeth. Their sense of smell was also more acute, giving them the ability to track others by their scent. Unlike humans, Hermats can walk or run bipedally or on all four of their limbs.

Hermat children, like some other races, developed faster than human children, with walking and mental abilities years ahead of human children their same age being very common. (Star Trek: New Frontier)


Hermats tended to keep to themselves or voluntarily segregate themselves from members of other Federation species, as the majority of Hermats found difficulty integrating with other species. As of the 2370s, very few Hermats served in Starfleet as a result. (Star Trek: New Frontier)


Hermat pronouns were different from other species' pronouns (such as "he" for male and "she" for female). Examples of these differences included:

  • In place of him or her, they use hir(pronounced "HEER")
  • In place of his or hers, they use hish
  • In place of he or she, they use s/he(pronounced "SS-hee")
  • In place of sir or ma'am. they use shir(pronounced "SHER").

Hermats also maintained a somewhat unique naming regime for Federation species. A typical Hermat name consisted of a single name and number, with the name sometimes attributed to a parent. (Star Trek: New Frontier)


Burgoyne 172 was a Hermat serving aboard the USS Excalibur as chief engineer and the USS Excalibur-A as first officer. (Star Trek: New Frontier)

Melina 128 was a Hermat who carried the name of hir mother, Melina 125. S/he had 2 siblings: Melina 126 and Melina 127. (Star Trek Crusader)

Erskine 242 was a Hermat who served as chief science officer aboard the USS Tethys. (Eighth Fleet RPG).

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