Henry Tellar was a Starfleet officer from the 27th century. (Star Trek: Mirror Wars)

Childhood friend of James Obeska and Sarah Perlark. Though he is part Betazoid, he has limited telepathic abilities. Went to college in the year 2592. Wanted to became a novelist but found he had an ability to excellently pilot a ship. He loved flying so much, he decided to go the Academy after completing collage. Went to Starfleet Academy in the year 2598 at the age of 24. Graduated at the top of his class in the year 2602. When he graduated, he was requested by James Obeska to be the helmsmen of the USS Majestic. He arrived on September 10, 2602, and one day later, piloted the Majestic to the planetVulcan, to fight against the Mirror universe invasion fleet.