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Henry Jones served on the USS Azrael and later the USS Saladin in the 2260's and 2270's. He is the nephew of Captain Ray Martin of the USS Saladin.

During his time on the USS Azrael, he was an engineering officer assigned to bridge duty when the crew of the Azrael was subjected to alien influence until the USS Farragut was able to rescue them. (See Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes "Power Source"

He transferred a short time later to the USS Saladin where he is second engineer under Commander James Singh. On Stardate 9347.9, he was part of the crew of the shuttlecraft Scimitar on a rescue mission to save Commodore Alexander Enwright from the Klingons. (See Star Trek: "Eye of the Tempest"

Jones 01

Lieutenant Henry Jones (Christopher Thomson) proposes a plan to Captain Ray Martin (Kenneth Thomson Jr.)

NewStill 05

Henry Jones (Christopher Thomson) at the copilot's station on the shuttlecraft Scimitar.

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