"They’re good people and I’ve met them before. One gave me a fearful hug once."
Seifer, Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "The Shadow Maneuvers"


The Hellonesians were an ancient and strangely wise race who, despite their advanced technologies, had not traveled far from their home world. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


Their speech patterns were oddly evened out sentences. Whenever they talked about something, they would explain it from a neutral perspective, claiming both views in a single sentence. ("Crystal Method, Part I")


Hellonesians have small space and air-craft called Jumpers. These are mostly for Hellonesian affairs only, but some Jumpers have been known to be stolen and sold on the black market. ("Jumpers, Part I")


In 2381, the Hellonesians almost joined the Federation, but due to an incident secretly involving Agent Rave, the Hellonesians decided to postpone joining. ("The Shadow Maneuvers")

Memorable quotesEdit

"Hello. Your presence is valued and threatening."
AvecRanex, "Crystal Method, Part I"