Helfner Berinski was the chief engineer on the USS Majestic. (Star Trek: Mirror Wars)

Starfleet CareerEdit

In October 2602, a spy (The Man) took over the Majestic. Helfner, trapped in the crew lounge, made a plan and, with the help of Yukoy Debber and Feril Salder, found the spy. Right before he, Yukoy, and Feril attacked the spy, the spy called to him, somehow knowing he was there. Berinski came out, but told Yukoy and Feril to stay hidden. The spy told Berinski to prepare to die and aimed his weapon at him.

Due to his species' special ability to make it seem, to the person using the ability, that time has slowed, he was able to dodge the weapon's attack, and signal for Yukoy and Feril to attack. During the attack, the spy hit a console, knocking Yukoy and Feril unconscious, and wounding Berinski. The spy fled into the ship, and Berinski gave chase. After engaging the spy, the spy was able to steal a shuttle from the Majestic.

Later once the Majestic was destroyed, Berinski joined a strike team to attack the mirror Gregory's base.

He became the chief engineer of the USS Enterprise-P at the request of James Obeska.

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