The first Hazard team.

The Hazard team was a specialist force of Starfleet personnel formed to deal with high-risk away missions and dangerous situations aboard Federation starships.

The first Hazard team was formed on the USS Voyager while it was in the Delta Quadrant. Formed by Lieutenant Commander Tuvok in response to the unique dangers that presented themselves to the lone Starfleet vessel. (VOY game: Elite Force)

USS Voyager Hazard teamEdit

The first Hazard team created it first saw action when Voyager was trapped in pocket dimension by the Vorsoth. The team defended the vessel from boarders as well as launching several missions against other similarly trapped vessels. They played a pivotal role is eventually freeing Voyager and ending the threat of the Vorsoth. (VOY game: Elite Force)

The Hazard team boarded a Borg sphere that had captured Voyager as it traveled through a transwarp conduit towards Earth. The team was able to disable several of the ship's systems allowing for Voyager to break free and destroy the vessel. With Voyager's return to Earth the team was disbanded. (Star Trek game: Elite Force II)

USS Enterprise-E Hazard teamEdit

In 2380, several members of Voyager's were recruited to form a Hazard team on the USS Enterprise-E. The team soon proved their worth when they were crucial in stopping a plot by the Romulan group, the Empty Crown, use Exomorphs to take over the galaxy. (Star Trek game: Elite Force II)

Other Hazard teamsEdit

The USS Wineland had a Hazard team that was led by Lieutenant JG Curtis Manning. (Star Trek: Wineland)

The USS Poseidon-A had a Hazard team that was led by Major Lein Elessdil. (Star Trek: Poseidon (RPG))

The USS Sovereign had a hazard team whose officer-in-charge was Star Fleet Marine Corps Major Benjamin Reid. (USS Sovereign (NCC-75000) (SFI))

The USS Takeda Shingen had a Hazard team that was led by then-Lieutenant Therav th'Shan. (Eighth Fleet RPG)

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