Voyager's Hazard Team in Mk1 Hazard suits

The Starfleet Hazard Suit is protective battle armor used by Hazard Teams in dangerous and hostile environments during missions. Its advanced and micro-technology make it perfect for a variety of missions and tasks.


Hazard suit 2380

The new Hazard suit in 2380

The original Hazard Suit was designed and created by Lieutenant Commander Tuvok and Seven of Nine on the USS Voyager in 2376 for the ship's newly established Hazard Team. (VOY game: Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force)


The hazard suit was equipped with a number of advanced features. The suit had power converters that had the ability to convert many forms of alien energy and power into usable power for the suit to operate. This power then could be used by the suit to effect repairs on the suit through the use of nanites laced through the armor or to operate the internal dermal regenerators and protoplasers to heal wounds sustained by the wearer.

The suit was equipped with a portable transporter buffer allowing the user to store weapons and equipment within the buffer. This meant the wearer was not weighed down by extra stores or disadvantaged by having to carry bulky weapons when not in use.


Multi-Phasic Wave Generators

On the shoulders of the suit were multi-phasic wave generators. These devices actively disrupted unfriendly transporter locks on the wearer.


Hazard Suita

Technical diagram for the Mk1 Hazard Suit

  • Mk1

The original Hazard Suit was created for the USS Voyager Hazard Team in 2376. (Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force)

  • Mk1 Varient

The original suit was adjusted slightly for crew members to retain their departmental colours as part of the suit's armor.


Technical diagram for the Mk2 Hazard Suit

  • Mk2

The Mk2 Hazard armour had all the features of the first as well as an improved pattern Buffer to store more equipment for longer periods and the ability for the Tactical Eye Display to link to a tricorder and display it's scanning modes. (Elite Force II)

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