Harvest is a short story by the pseudonymous jespah.

The story is told from the perspective of Malcolm Reed as changes are made to the personnel complement of the Enterprise (NX-01), subsequent to the Xindi attack.

On April 16, 2153, a lunch meeting is held in the observation lounge in order to introduce two new members of the crew.

First, the new MACOs commanding officer is introduced, Jay Hayes. Malcolm, thinking he is not being overheard, confides to Charles Tucker III that he thinks Hayes is only going to wrestle the Xindi ultimate weapon to the ground. But Hayes overhears. Things are not going well for this lunch meeting.

Then Chef William Slocum and Lili O'Day arrive. She is wheeling in a small cart with plates heaped with one of her signature dishes, the Harvest Salad. She is placing a teacup when the captain asks her to come over and meet everyone. Still holding the cup, she shakes hands with everyone. Phlox asks her whether the Titan Bluebirds are a favored baseball team, as she's wearing one of their caps. Flustered at his overly wide grin, she almost drops the cup. She promises Tucker that she can make him a pecan pie. She asks Hayes his favorite type of food and he mumbles something about blueberries; she vows to give him a serving with more blueberries. When meeting Reed, she looks into his eyes and nearly drops the teacup again.

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