Harold James Potter was a crew member of the USS Enterprise-JFAZW. On stardate 4202112.7, Potter, serving as an ensign at that time helped to stop the ISS Enterprise (NCC-1701-JFAZW) from destroying the USS Enterprise in the mirror universe by magically entering the spirit realm and stopping Chakotay's onslaught of mystic deer by summoning his patronous and using it to kill all the sacred creatures in the mystic spirit forest.

When Ferengi Troi (mirror) was aboard the Enterprise, she met Harry who fell in love with her soon after, causing Potter to become negligent in his duties. {Star Trek: Paradigms: "Glory Majesty Unity")

Soon after his relationship with mirror Ferengi Troi he realised she was just using him to distract him so that she could sabotage the Enterprise. Troi then stabbed him in the back, killing him instantly - an empty death. (Star Trek: Paradigms: "Glory Majesty Unity")

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