Harcourt Fenton "Harry" Mudd was a human criminal and con artist from the 23rd century.

The android MuddEdit

An android version of Harry created on the planet Mudd. The androids that created him used all the knowledge of his personality when he arrived in 2267. After subsequent attempts to escape the planet he was deactivated in 2286.

In 2378, he was uprated and reactivated, but disappeared the following year. He was thought to be lost and inoperative on Mudd but had escaped thanks to incorporating the memories of Maisie 68

By 2389, Mudd had incorporated his memories into a positronic brain created by Bruce Maddox. Mudd's plan back fired as his files were inaccessible as he lacked the key code which was still in the Maisie 68 android. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)

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